Northern Scaffolding Ltd provides scaffolding tower hire across Liverpool, Merseyside, Manchester, Cheshire, Wirral, North Wales & surrounding areas.

There are many reasons why you may need to hire a scaffolding tower and we can help you with any of your projects such as construction, home renovation, maintenance, painting, and accessing elevated areas safely. Our versatile towers provide a safe and steady way to work at elevated heights guaranteeing a safer work environment and minimising the risk of accidents.


At Northern Scaffolding Ltd we ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard ensuring we are compliant with all safety regulations. All of our employees are fully trained CISRS scaffolders and all the work we carry out is fully insured. Call 07879 918 691 24/7 or 0151 294 5106 for free surveys and estimates.


What is a scaffold tower?

A scaffold tower is essentially a sturdy and versatile structure that provides a safe and elevated platform for carrying out tasks like construction, renovations, and maintenance. It serves as a reliable support system, ensuring workers can access heights securely while minimising the risk of accidents. Get a free survey today from Northern Scaffolding.

Are scaffold towers safe?

When used correctly and following safety guidelines, scaffold towers offer a reliable and safe solution for construction, maintenance, and other related activities.

How high can a scaffold tower go?

A scaffold tower constructed with standard components can reach a maximum height ranging from approximately 10 to 12 metres.